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About me

Or how I became the worlds greatest magician

Tristan has always been destined for the stage, even his old mother told him from a young age.

"Tristan you belong on a stage, sweeping it" she would say.

Seeing Paul Daniels on T.V. at the age of about 6 made Tristan realised that magic was what he wanted to do for a living and it only took him the best part of 30 years to make it a reality so never give up on your dreams people!

Tristan has been performing in public since about the year 2000 but decided in 2011 that he would join the likes of David Copperfield and David Blaine by becoming a full time magician.

In the early part of 2013 realised that his stupid sense of humour, vast collection of dad jokes and the fact that he was rather nifty at making some great balloon models made the path of children's entertainer the right path for him.

Tristan has sworn since that day to take the art of being silly very seriously and can often be found in his spare time practising being silly (at least that's his excuse.)

So if you ever see Tristan out and about, pulling funny faces, talking in a funny voice or repeating the same stupid movement rest assured he is practicing to make sure every party is a riot of laughter and fun.

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