Birthday party packages

Mini Magical Package

Magical Mayhem

Stress Free Package

Mini magical mayhem

The perfect party package for 4 year olds

This package contains everything that is in the stress free package but in a smaller size chunk that is perfect for a 4th birthday celebrations.


60 minuet package includes:

  • 30 minuet of dancing and games

  • 30 minuet magic show

  • A special balloon for the birthday child

  • A balloon model for all the guests.




Tristans laugh a minuet magic show

Tristan's 1 hour magic show is packed full laughter and amazing magic, it's so much fun that even the grown ups enjoy it.

Plus at the end the birthday child becomes the star of the show and performs an amazing trick.


60 minuet package includes:

  • 1 hour magic show

  • Special balloon for the bithday child

  • balloon model for all the guests

  • Tristan the Twister magic wand set for the birthday child


Stress free package

Sit back and relax while Tristan runs the party

This package aims to let you sit back and enjoy the party as much as your guests do, just invite your guests and make sure they have some food for the dinner break and that's your job done.

  • 2 hour package includes:

  • 40 minuets of games and dancing

  • 20 minuet dinner break

  • Happy birthday track to sing along to

  • 60 minuet magic show

  • Special balloon for the birthday child

  • Balloon models for all your guests

  • Tristan the Twister wand kit for the birthday child