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Updated: Nov 20, 2019

So at last I've decided to write a blog about parties and being an entertainer, there will be tips and hacks to get the best from your parties.

After 8 years and 100s of parties I hope I will be able to help a lot of you get the most out of your parties, not just parties where I am the entertainer.

I'm going to cover lots of things like why planning things early will help you have the best party ever (I've got bookings for July 2020 already and we are in the beginnings of November 2019 as I write this.)

Why I can seem like a diva about how party rooms are set up, alternatives to party bags, how to get the best from your party time wise, helpful check list in the run up to your party, guides to venues in the areas I work in and lots more.

I also hope to give you an insight into what being the entertainer is like, what goes into creating magic tricks, where I get inspiration from for my shows, comedy and balloon models.

I will be posting my blogs on Instagram and Facebook and also emailing my mailing list.

So see you all soon Tristan the Twister.

To contact Tristan click here

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